I suppose this time was before Walker Wood in Baildon

A GT6 – equally short-lived!

bought at Batley car auctions .

Commer Highwayman.

Commer Highwayman used as everyday transport and a couple of holidays including one in Scotland.

Sold to a guy called ‘Tex’ for £500 but he wanted it with everything left in! I did manage to get Chris out!

The Austin 2200 I bought to tow the’ heavy’ caravan. I know it doesn’t look heavy but it was quite old and before they made them in lighter materials. When towing the car did 10mpg! I also towed it with the Renault16 either before or after.

Renault 16TL written off while we were in it on a roundabout in Bradford.

There were three of us in the car at the time. Emily was only months old.

Not put off, I bought the Renault 16TS as a write-off for £70 following an engine bay fire. Fished the plastic parts of the air filter out of the carb. had the bonnet resprayed and it was back on the road days later.


I remember putting new sills and castle sections on both sides in the drive at Oxford Drive. I replaced the engine as well and the chap who bought it off me tried to offer me less as it was a Marina 1800 engine I had fitted.

I bet I was popular!

Hillman Imp.

This too was passed on to Steve. Excellent in snow as I recall.

An excellent Maxi 1500 followed by a Maxi 1750 HL which had oil leaks as I remember. It didn’t last long!

In Walker Wood now, finishing the first Midge , I was driving a Mini and Chris had the Renault 12 estate.