This picture was taken about ten years in, after I had resprayed in cellulose British Racing Green which would have been fine.The problem was this was the dark version and I didn’t notice until it was too late!

And this is the light version.

I collected the wooden pieces for the body tub, the bare Herald chassis and the bonnet sides and top from Derbyshire in 1997 three and a half years after a major stroke. Really, I wanted a challenge. My first Midge took eight months to build, working evenings and weekends; the second one took eight years.

The Build (short version)

I was faced with building to SVA standard. For the first three builds it was just a case of passing an MoT test after an inspection by a bod from the local vehicle license office. They were only checking serial numbers as I recall.

Now, however, they were concerned more with safety features.

Building on a new chassis, to take Ford running gear certainly made life easier in that there was no remedial work needed (as there is normally on a Triumph chassis).

I was able to hear this engine running in a local scrapyard and I snapped it up. Perhaps I should have waited . The mountings had to be moved eight inches back, the chassis had to relieved as had the floor panels, to cap it all the speedometer drive was directly over a cross member. I resorted to fitting an angled drive facing rearward and having an eight foot cable made.

My wooden dash was later Covered with leathercloth and ’rounded’.

The 1600cc Pinto engine and ‘box out of a Ford Sierra GL or something. Which ever it was, the wiring loom was a nightmare to cram into a car which had no wipers, washers, heated seats, etc..