Built on a bought-in chassis, the Husky used Ford Escort front and rear suspension and a 1600cc Ford Pinto engine.

Tailgate catches.

I found the best way to build the body was to use the chassis as a platform. This proved to be more than a good idea as the weight of the whole structure was far too much to handle alone.

I think this is the only shot showing the rear seat.

The final picture is from 1993, Newark Kit Car show with my hero, the creator of all these cars, John Cowperthwaite sitting in my Husky.

The choice of colour may appear strange, but I had the chance of buying (from a scrapyard of course) a full set of velour seats . It was only later I thought about the colour for the body.

I had painted other cars in cellulose but I think the choice was limited by what would go on medite (exterior grade MDF). In the end it was ‘one pack’ which took 16 hours to dry!

This day couldn’t have been so hot. On a really hot day the bonnet lifted either side in banana fashion!