My first car was an Isetta bubble car. I can only have had it for a short time, but I did have it MoT tested where I was working evenings and weekends at the time. I remember the boss saying he wouldn’t get in it .

Does it go? Does it stop? I’ll write the certificate.

(Library picture)

This was a time when I was dabbling with motor bikes the first one of which was a Norman Cyclemate.

I remember riding it into school when I was in the sixth form. I was passing the practical block when the old woodwork master passed the comment, “Even I don’t remember those”.

I rebuilt this trials bike in the cellar of our first real house and had to ride it up the cellar steps!

It was a “Gaunte” Jawa.

Austin A35 Van (Library picture)

Three years at college saw me change cars numerous times.

I went up there in an A35 van. I bought a Mini van from one of the lecturers and took the engine out to replace the gearbox in a barn at my digs.

Rochdale GT

Vauxhall Victor

Obviously that was the seventies!
Standard Ensign
Standard Ensign (Library picture)

MG Midget (not for long)

This is the first car I bought when I started teaching..

On a camping holiday to Scotland reverse gear ‘went’ at Scotch Corner and rather than turn back, we ploughed on covering 1200miles . It was a relief that the ferry over to Skye was drive on and off, but not so good with single track roads with passing places!

On another occasion, a mess dinner in Darlington, which happened to be Chris’s 21st, we had an intermittent lighting fault and a blocked jet which meant tucking in behind a wagon until the engine died. No amusing on the A1. We got home at dawn!

Sunbeam Alpine

This Mk1 Cortina was 4 door cream and green, but there was also a 2door in grey.

I didn’t own this but got the chance to drive it in a sprint. It belonged to a true enthusiast.

This is a Vanden Plas (library picture) also a Wolsely 1100 above.

I had three Renaults. Two 16s and a 12 estate. the first 16 was a TS, bought as a write-off following a fire in the engine bay. I extracted the melted plasic parts of the air filter, had the bonnet resprayed and put it back on the road . (Library picture)

This is the Triumph 2000, which I passed on to Steve. As I recall it had a bad diff. whine.

I had this Morris Ital while I was building one of the cars. The girls refused to get into it . Lack of street cred..

A Citroen G Special was a short-lived visitor to the stable.

A tatty MGB, a 997 Mini Cooper and a Mk2 Cortina were with me at the second house we owned. As we stayed there only one year, I must have changed transport a lot in those days. Hopefully more photographs to follow.

Below is an MGB. A library picture.

Mine was distinctly tatty!