We ventured into local music when we joined Bingley G&S.

We were a peer and fairy in Iolanthe.

Out of this grew a folk group , taking the residency at the Fleece in Addingham.

We even had a recording contract – well, one LP!

‘Fleece’ at Addingham.

(More to follow.)

The Ellinthorpe Street Stompers . I was on six stringed banjo, but normally it was a far smaller line-up. I cannot remember if the Blue & White Jazz grew out of this set. Steve will know.

Oddly enough, I could play guitar and banjo quite successfully with the odd drink but piano was a different matter. Come to think of it, trumpet was not so hot either

(More to follow.)

My brother’s house near Le Mans at Christmas where my father and I joined in with the town band.

St. Brigid’s school band (bad news if the bass player didn’t turn up).

This turned out to be my last public performance as Head of Music at St Michael’s College.

You can see how much I was enjoying every moment!