Nissan QX

A rare bird indeed, the QX was 3litre and was relatively light . It was frighteningly quick to take off.

BMW convertible
Wonderful if somewhat underpowered Daihatsu Terios

This was bought when we realised how useless the BMW convertible was 1000 feet up in the Pennines.

All ready for the move to a different climate east of the A1. A real workhorse, we shifted all sorts in its cavernous interior. It used to return 63mpg on the motorway. It was more like 35 when we swopped to the petrol version. Still, a sat. nav. with a speech impediment still tickles us to this day.

This is a Covin . In my opinion it is the closest thing you can get to a Porsche 911 without spending a fortune. I thought I would like a change from ‘old looking cars’. It was a good move to keep the Gentry just in case I didn’t get on with the car. Six weeks was all it took to realise it was a mistake! I could get into the car but couldn’t get out again. It, too, went off to Germany.

Before respray.